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Donations and other Support:

Although renovation of the Focke Wind Tunnel was completed in the spring of 2005, the non profit-making Association that maintains and operates the wind tunnel is still dependent upon support.

Financial Donations

A money donation helps us to pay for the daily costs of upkeep. We can only purchase essential equipment or materials, or embark upon new projects, with financial support.

We are delighted by every donation however small, paid into our bank account at the Sparkasse Bremen: Account Holder: Focke-Windkanal e.V.
IBAN Number: DE90 2905 0101 0017 0619 79
On request, the Focke-Windkanal e.V. will of course issue a written receipt of the donation. We also need help in the procurement of materials. At the moment we are looking for:

  • Equipment and utensils dating from the 1950s (see menu item 'we are looking for')
  • Photos, diagrams, films or sound recordings that document Prof. Focke's work
  • Photos, diagrams, films or sound recordings that document the history of Bremen's aerospace industries
  • Any unique items associated with Focke-Wulf and Focke-Achgelis
  • Please address any enquiries to the chairman of the Focke-Windkanal e.V. Wind Tunnel Association:

    Dr.-Ing. Kai Steffen
    0421 - 23 48 32
    Kai.Steffen (at) Focke-Windkanal.de
    Note: When writing an e-mail address, please substitute @ for at (anti-SPAM).

    THANK YOU !!!!