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We need your help!

We are still looking for certain materials to complete the renovation to its original appearance; many of these items are no longer available off the shelf.

If you can donate these items to the museum, or provide at low cost, please get in touch with:
Kai Steffen, Telefon (AM): +49-421-2348321:

  • Films, pictures and literature describing the work and development of Focke-Wulf

  • Wallpaper of this design:

    Pattern 1 (Scan DIN A4 - M1:1)

    Pattern 2 (Scan DIN A4 - M1:1)

  • Metal cable installation clips (for 6,10 mm diameter cables)
  • Plastic cable installation clips (black, for 6,10,12,15,16 mm diameter cables)
    Sorry - We do not have a suitable picture from these clips!

  • Quantity 2 Cast iron radiators ( BxHxT: 93x67x19 cm; 15/17 ribs)
  • Cast iron radiator ( BxHxT: 107x112x26 cm; 18 ribs and the same type with five or seven ribs))